OK, now what?

tl;dr: What do you want me to write about first/next? The experience of setting up this blog? IT Security? Acting? Something else altogether? Let me know via the various social/feedback links available herein.

I'd been thinking of setting up a blog for long time. Actually, I've been thinking of setting up two, one personal (right here!) and one for EdgeKeep, my consulting company. But there were the questions: Where to host? What software to use? Yada etc. and so on.

I'd also been thinking about learning git, GitHub, etc. I've been exposed to them a few times, but never enough to really sink in my teeth, and having a working knowledge of these tools is practically de rigueur for some tech groups and meetups I enjoy.

Long story short, I combined the ideas and built this, the site you are visiting to read this post. May not seem like much, and for an experienced git user and web developer, it isn't. But for someone who had practically zero hands-on experience with git, web development, templating, and especially the interplay between CSS and HTML, it was sumthin'. I learned a lot. Made fewer mistakes than I expected, but did have some gut-clench moments when I thought I'd made mistakes (git rebase is very, very scary and will remain so until I understand it better).

I started banging on this site in late November. It took me until yesterday to get it where I wanted, to the point I could write this post and publish it in just a few minutes, with either just a few clicks (ew) or just a few commands (vim and git push FTW!).

Pretty much from the beginning I kept an eventual blog post about the experience, one intended to help other technically savvy but git-and-web inexperienced people do what I did, a complete tutorial and reference in one as-brief-as-possible, as-comprehensive-as-necessary article.

The draft - and it's decently high quality - is over 6000 words. So far. I reckon the complete article will push 9,000. That's a lot of content yet to come, plus the TLC to turn a draft of any quality into a readable article.

And I've got the high-and-doldrums that come with completing anything, the I did it! What's next... feeling.

So I ask you: What's next? Or, more to the point, what's first? Do you want me to:

  • Complete the "how I got here" article? It'll be a while....
  • Write about IT security?
  • Discuss consulting?
  • Talk about acting?
  • Share an exciting and potentially wordy anecdote about my life?
  • Something else altogether?

I've yet to add commenting to the blog (it's on my list), but elsewhere on this site there are social links and a link for creating a new issue for site problems. Feel free to use one or more of those to let me know what you would like to read next.