Professionally, I work with Sphyrna Security Inc. My main focus is business development, primarily for our Compliance Automation Platform, with the Unidirectional Gateway filling in my spare time.

Socially, you can find me on

My favourite hobbies are off-roading, acting, and writing, from time to time. You’re in the right place for the writing part.

For acting, check out

  • My IMDB entry, or
  • Watch and listen to some of my work on YouTube.

Summer weekends are spent driving over rocks. Check out the EOTB photo gallery on Facebook for evidence…. Interested in joining us off-road? I wrote a page about how to do that!

Occasionally I play stringed instruments of various types, with picks or bows (definitely prefer the ones with bows). Relieved you should be that evidence of that spared you I have.