This site was created mostly on my Mac then pushed to my GitHub repo. You will eventually be able to read all about it in the extensive blog article I am writing about the experience. Individual changes were tracked in GitHub issues, so while you are waiting for the log post to appear, you can checkout issues about this colophon, about _config.yml, and about _includes/head.html.

If there are problems rendering any of the pages on this site, please feel free to open a new issue or, if you are able to, correct the problem and send me a pull request.


PS In case you are really curious, I’m using Jekyll and mostly the Hyde theme, under Mavericks and various command line tools installed using brew, npm, and gem. I’ll cover a good chunk of that and more in the blog post (is post the right word for something that long? perhaps I should split it up…. we’ll see…). Most editing of mostly everything was done using vim in vi mode. I use ghi to manage issues; very cool tool.