I am nothing ⊃ ¬Patient

Once, and I don’t recall why, I said, probably to someone else, “I am nothing if not patient”.

Later, with grudging head-bobbing, self noted that I wasn’t (always) (particulary) patient.

Did I mention that my degree’s in physics (meaning I studied more math than anything else) and that I got most of the way to a degree in philosophy?

So, yeah, there is a strong inner logician. He sleeps a lot, but this woke him.

He eeked out “if we are not patient, are we therefore nothing?”

That was a <insert face-slap/cold-water metaphor here> moment.

It worked, though. Many/most/at-least-some moments of impatience were followed by moments of reflection. I am not patient. What am I? I don’t feel like nothing, but I don’t feel really good about this.

It took a long time.

I feel it. And I think most people consider me pretty chill these days, even thems that know me really well and see private me. It’s a good feeling.

FWIW. YMMV. But one never knows, eh?